Saturday, 11 April 2020

Ogun Experience Unrest As Robbers Invade Ogun Communities, During Lockdown, Residents Cry Out

Residents of communities in Ogun state have taken to their social media pages to cry out for help as robbers invade them at night, leading to many taking up their own securities.

Ogun communities including Adiyan, Agbado, Sango,Ijoko, Agbado Oke-aro and more are facing serious insecurity issues as residents claim they are no longer safe because of the consistent robbery attacks during the period of the coronavirus lockdown.


The robbers carted away foodstuffs and according to a resident, they now operate with POS, clearing out the bank accounts of their victims.

See some complains as seen on social media;

We burnt tyres throughout yesterday night also in my street to send a message that we were alert and vigilant in the street. We are the only ones who can protect ourselves in this period, just hope after all this the govt deploy enough security for ogun residents. 
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“4 persons reportedly died today at ADIYAN due to the robberies going on (2 residents and 2 thieves).”

The residents had to fight the robbers themselves!!! It’s not enough for the Police to pass with siren, they need to be deployed in those areas or more will die 🚨
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