Saturday, 11 April 2020

Singer Waje Reveals She Loves Sex But Only Waiting For The Right Man

Singer Waje during a question and answer session with her fans on Twitter has revealed she loves s.e.x but only waiting for the right man -- a man who will wed her.

The single mom of a teenage daughter made this known while answering a fan who wanted to know if she was a s.e.x freak.

When asked by a fan if she loves s.e.x, she said: “Before nkor, I just have to wait for the right person to have it with. Pray for me so my husband will locate me”.

During the tweet chat, Waje also revealed that she can date a man younger than her.

““Yes, I will. Love doesn’t know age. But most men are proud and he will always think age is the problem when things go wrong,” she said when asked if she’ll consider dating a younger man.

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