Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Can Celibacy Cause Child Birth Complications? Gynaecologists' Attention Needed

Please pardon me for posting this here. I would have posted it in health section but the last one I posted there didn't get much satifisfactory response. I wanna believe we have some specialist here who can be of help.

Just to be double sure, I've heard it over and again that if a girl is celibate for a long time say 5 to 6 years before getting pregnant that she'll have some birth complications because the cervix has contrasted so much due to lack of sexual activities. How true is this?

Does celibacy tighen the cervix?

I also read somewhere that a lady fainted due to severe pains from sex on her wedding cos she was celibate for a long time after.
And a doctor said its because she was sexually active before going celibate, that if she was a virgin it wouldn't have tightened so much.

Now, How true is this too? Like after being sexually active briefly then you go into celibacy for a very long time? And if its true, how or what can one do to prevent such scenario ( fainting) and the pains. Any dilating drugs or remedy.

Please a kind hearted doc should give suggestions or help clear the above.


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