Thursday, 21 May 2020

Check Out What I Saved From My Can Piggybank For 5 Months

Hello Readers. Make una no mind my English abeg.

My 2020 resolution was to save as much as 500,000 so I can get myself one small land for area. I work with a private firm earning salary between 30,000 - 45,000. Na so the firm stop our salary because of say Colombian Drivos (Covid19) drop sales.

Na so hunger set in. I tried not to be tempted to touch my land savings but mhen, hunger kill pass corona. Na so I vex break my MorteinBank. Guess how much I save from Jan till date!? 25,000. I cannor GoaN comaN kee myself.

I've already written down what I'm gonna shop tomorrow (food stuffs), I'll be managing the rest pending when my firm calls us back!!


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