Friday, 1 May 2020

How Can I Win My Wife's Heart Back?

I love my wife but I have been hurting her for years. In fact I had make her look like a devil in the eyes of my parents and siblings. I will not hide any truth from you because right now, I am trying to find a solution on how to win my wife's heart back.

I womanize a lot. I have a particular side chick that my wife is even aware of down our street. I love this girl with the whole of my heart. Anytime am with her I feel contented. I sponsored her through school with her younger brother and I also set up a provision store for her mum. I so much love this girl and infact I stopped having numerous chicks because of her. She is everything a man can wish for. She pampered me like a baby and she is an expert on how to sex a man and make him draw spits. I invested alot on this lady and never cared for the mother of my children.

The first and the last time I beat my wife was the day she called my girlfriend to insult her and I was with the girl that night. She put it on speaker. I went home and beat my wife blue black. Though I regretted my action and apologized to her.

Since then I didn't hide my extramarital affair from my wife. My girl will call and I will speak freely in the presence of my wife. She won't say pim. I wanted this girl to be pregnant but she just wouldn't be.

After, I started frustrating my wife so that she can leave the house and the girl can move in, but no matter what I did to my wife, she will never talk. I stopped having sex with her and and she never for once complained. I started taking my girlfriend to family function in place of my wife, still my wife was not affected. I siezed her shop key and gave to this girl as her graduation gift. My wife did not talk and she didn't leave my house. I planned all evils but she wasn't affected by it.

This my side chick is now pregnant with another man's. I have threatened her to abort the baby that I will forgive her and marry her, but she said am too old for her. When she and her family was collecting and spending my money, she didn't know that I am too old then.

Now am tired of fighting for someone that can never be mine. I want to face what's mine. Can you imagine that I just realised that my first born will write WAEC this year. Am so ashamed of my self. My wife has become so old and very slim. I wanted to hug her, but I don't know where to start from. It's been years we last had a physical body contact. We don't even sleep in the same room. The kids are looking at me like a stranger. I can't even crack jokes with them.

Please help me, how do I start and what should I do to win my family love back? I promise to do whatever you tell me to.


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