Wednesday, 13 May 2020

I Broke Up With My Girlfriend Because I Want To Cut Down Expenses

Its is no longer news that I have been declared insolvent. After all effort to maintain my liquidity level to no avail I decide to let her go.

Just as organization retrenched worker during periods of economic downturn in order to cut cost of operations, I sent her a massage expressing my regret and reasons.

I feed her
I pay money for hair dressing
I buy clothes
I take her out every weekend
I buy shoes
I do everything thinkable


She works and earns but I still wonder why she would want me to do everything for her. I compiled my income statement and statement of financial position for the first quarter and found out that expenditures have exceeded income and debt is on the rise.

So I wholeheartedly declared my self insolvent yesterday and decided to cut cost in order to protect my goodwill.


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