Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Impressive Compliance To Lagos Transport Terms In Ajah

So I set off to computer village from Lakowe today to do some work on my Pc, on getting to the bus stop today, after a long time home, it was business as usual, but 1 thing was unusual and unexpected.

The bus I boarded to Ajah was taking only 2 passengers per sit, I was impressed that our rickety busses were at least complying, the price was bumped up a bit (N150-N250), but for the 2 per sit, it was a little token no one should complain about for the sake of their safety.

Well, to think i saw it all already, I received a greater shock when I boarded the bus from Ajah-Ikeja, at the park, they were taking 2 per sit too, and 1 at the front, it may not mean anything to people from other parts of the country, but those in Lagos can understand, well, the park officials insisted you must have a nose mask to board the bus, and to top it all, they all asked us to come and wash our hands before boarding, they provided water and soap by the side and everyone must wash before boarding, as expected, the price was bumped from N500 to N800, but if you calculate, the drivers are actually making less than what they used to when they were taking full passengers.

Update - on our way, there was a baba who somehow tricked his way into the bus without a nose mask, while moving, the driver noticed and immediately stopped the car and asked the baba to either buy a nose mask, or alight, the baba had no choice than to buy.

I feel this is a commendable effort that should be appericiated, so I felt led to share.


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