Sunday, 24 May 2020

Nigerian Man, Isaac Terkende Dies A Day After Posing for A Selfie In A Coffin (Photos)

The shocking death has been announced of a young Nigerian man, Isaac Terkende, who died exactly one day after posing in a coffin for selfies.

Isaac reportedly died in a car accident just a day after his shocking internet selfies.

The strange nature of the death has social media users questioning whether there is any correlation between the two events.

Isaac got the attention of social media users a day before his death after photos of him posing in a coffin hit the web.

He was in a Barcelona jersey flashing the peace sign as he lay in a coffin.

Why he would decide to do that is something only he can answer.

Unfortunately for him, a day after uploading the photos he was reportedly involved in a car accident which he did not survive.

Isaac has reportedly been buried in Benue State, Nigeria.

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