Friday, 1 May 2020

Pastor Tony Spell Successfully Convinced Over 200 People To Donate Their Stimulus Cheques

This is unprecedented! We reported that American pastor, Tony Spell was urging his church members and Christians at large to donate their complete $1200 cheque given to them by the American pastors to the church and we thought there was no way anyone was falling for that! We have never been so ashamed of ourselves of how wrong we were on this! The Christians are rushing to give up their cheques to Pastor Tony Spell and his church, so far over 205 people have given up their cheques to Tony Spell (that is almost $300K!). It would appear that the pastorial duties is looking easier than we thought, how can a simple challeneg convince so much people to give away their cheques? Perhaps they never needed that cheque in the first place??

Check out our previous post, where Tony Spell was requesting Christians to donate their cheques:

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