Tuesday, 19 May 2020

RIP : Photos Of Pastor Frankline Ndifor, Who Claims To Have The Cure For Coronavirus But Died Of It

Cameroonian pastor Frankline Ndifor has succumbed to Coronavirus after gathering several church members who had contracted the virus to pray for them. Frankline Ndifor contracted the virus during one of his 'healing sessions' and eventually lost his battle with the virus in less than a week. 

His church members are still in disbelief of his demise and besiged the hospital premises where he passed on to demand that they held a vigil for him because he was only 'in a trance' and would wake up soon. 

Unfortunately, this was not the case as the beloved pastor has died and would not be joining his church members anymore. 

Here is a video of some members of his church holding a prayer session outside the hospital where he passed on

Here are some photos of Pastor Frankline Ndifor:

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