Saturday, 9 May 2020

Seun Kuti Calls Out Instagram For Refusing To Verify His Page & Update His Followers

Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti has called out Instagram for denying him the blue tick on his page.

The award-winning singer via his page called the social media platform for not only failing to update his followers but also denying him the bluetick. The singer wrote:  It’s always hell to promote my business. Always denying approval or taking forever. Never reaching the specified amount of people when they eventually approve even tho I’m charged. Refusing to update my follower numbers. I am not phased tho I still need ur yeye platform for now.
Quick story, my ex pr @drebelking says let’s get u verified , I said these people won’t verify me. Lol. She says don’t say that and she takes my passport and does all to apply for ‘verification’ and they reply that I am not the kind or person/ page they verify. ?????. Listen just approve my ads for my business cos there is nothing dangerous about that as for ur blue tick, I am ANCESTORS VERIFIED. Eff U! #getthesax

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