Sunday, 31 May 2020

What Is Sin?

Sin is The Transgression of the Laws and Ways of GOD.

Sins are those habits that keep GOD ALMIGHTY away from us. Isah 59:1-3

Sin is what gives the devil legal rights over a Man/woman.

Sin is that which would hinder you from Making Heaven .

A Sinner is Not a Christian and A Christian is not a Sinner. 1John 3:8-9

What is Sin ?
All unrighteousness is Sin . 1John 5:17a

Unbelief ( Not Believing in JESUS CHRIST)


Selfishness , Coveteousness
Malice , Envy, Hatred
Unforgivness, Unfaithfulness
Backbiting, Speaking Evil of others
Cursing people, Bewitching others
Anger, idol worship( Either in your heart or as a god)
Making of Divination, Charms, Palm Reading
Secret cult, Open Cult, Marine Cult( Any kind of Cultism)
Stealing( where you work or from people)
Armed Robbery, Fraudsters
Fornication, Adultery, Masturbation
Homosexual, lesbianism, Gay
Abortion or Aiding Abortion
Child trafficking, kidnapping, Ritual killings
Hired Assasin, Terrorism
Fighting, Quarellings
Disobedience to your Husband, Beating your Wife
Not paying those That Work for you
Not doing the Work you are paid to do
Smoking, Cocaine, taking drugs, Alcholic drinks ( local or Foreign) or giving it to others
Immoral or Seductive Dressing, Dress to kill, Making up
A Man putting on Women's clothing and a Woman putting on Men's Clothing
A man having More than one wife

The Good News about this is that there is way of Escape as JESUS HAS PAID IT ALL.

All we need do is to Confess our sins to JESUS CHRIST and Accept HIM as our LORD and Savior..

As Long as there is Life , There is Mercy..

Mercy Expires at Death..

Check yourself THISDAY and Make Amends where Neccessary...


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