Saturday, 13 June 2020

Genotype: The First Thing To Ask If A Guy Seeks To Have A Relationship With You

Please this an advice to all AS genotype peeps. Especially the girls.

Whenever a guy shows interest in you and wants to strike a relationship, please the first thing you should enquire is his genotype. YES! It won't make you come across as desperate but will save you a lot of brouhaha in the future in case you decide to take things to the next level. Ask ask ask. Phew!

Some might say its not necessary or its too early to do so but I tell you its not. because you do not know the day the love will crawl up on you and then you want to have this fellow for keeps only to discover very late and then to let go becomes an issue and then you have to contend with a force driving you into obvious danger. Our emotions cannot be controlled as you don't know how and when it will metamorphose into the next level hence the need to pop the question before our emotions betray us.


My advise to every AS carriers. Do not lose hope.
Don't throw caution to the wind cos it might back fire and you would wish you never did.
Don't see your genotype as a barrier or limitation. In fact, we are healthier than AA carriers according to studies as we hardly suffer malaria. I might not be able to explain the science behind that now but its true. Do your research. So no cause for alarm as with the compatible genotype, we can have healthy babies and be free from stories that touch. grin 

This is just my two cents. smiley



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