Sunday, 14 June 2020

This Infallibility Question

The Prior, paramount goal of any true minister Of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and of God, is to preach the gospel. (Matthew 28:19, also all believers).

It was stated out clearly that winning souls should be a lifestyle as Jesus Ascended from the disciples outside Jerusalem.

They went on to do just that, and when it seems like that wasn't forthcoming, persecution scattered them in all directions and the actual spread began.

Ever since then, the spread keeps getting new waves across many nations, tribes, tongues of the whole, with God confirming with signs and wonders done through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This has created a need for Ministry with different callings serving the growth purpose of Christians.

Across several denominations, several men of God, etc, lead by exemplary lifestyles and teach what Jesus commanded.

But in the Nigerian sphere, this has gotten to a very unbecoming way; almost all of whatever is said by their pastors, GOs, is seen as infallible, unquestionable, and as such, they just go head long into errors as a result of this stance.

Many Unchristlike things and demonic doctrines have crept right into the church via the pulpit and it has created a level of infallibility.

" Papa can never say, do, preach wrong."

Concerned believers try as much as possible to correct many of such error, but this is met with stiff resistance by members. You can be tagged an unbeliever, son of the devil, etc for merely justifying your stance scripturally.

The quite sad angle is majority of these defenders actually aren't grounded scripturally. If they were, they'll realize correcting a stanxstancee, doctrine that can be a stumbling block to a believer, isnt odd atall. Rather it should be encouraged. One even wonders what is right or wrong these days, just to show how deep this cesspit is!!

To prove this herd mentality, Many decades back, several MoGs hard doctrines, some rigid, that members held tightly onto. Crossing the line was a sin. But the reverse has happened and these Ministers don't apologize. Why? The effect of such has ruined lots of lives. I wouldn't really be concerned about the effects in the first place, if believers are grounded like the Bereans. But i have to.

We should be imitators of Christ, not our GOs, Pastor, Revd, Bishop,etc. Its Christ that is our Author, Our Finisher.

Our Gos are but men, vessels unto honour used by God specifically, also running the race as we all are. They can go in the way of error and if one is not careful, such error can cause grave evils.

Who has bewitched us that we now have our conscience seared like with a hot iron?

Anything that would make the brother or sister to fall, even if its not a sin, should be packed asides. (1st Cor. 8:9) What about this warning about those false teachers that crept into the church and start teaching doctrines of demons that even the elect is deceieved? (2Pet.2:1-3)

Good examples that our MoG arent infallible, or are error prone are;
Moses(The waters of Meribah)
Abraham(The Ishmael scenario)
Samuel(Almost Choosing Eliab as King, if not for the voice of God)
Peter(His difficulty with Accepting Gentile Christians, even after the Rooftop encounter)
Elijah(Thinking only he was the true servant of God left)

If the Bible wanted us to only focus on their heroics, it will omit their mistakes, errors. But its all there to read and study, learn from.


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