Saturday, 25 July 2020

Finally! Ozo and Nengi hug each other after talking about their relationship (WATCH)

BBNaija 2020 housemates, Ozo and Nengi finally had the conversation viewers have been waiting for them to have — the duo were seen after their talk, blushing as they embraced each other and retired to their chambers.
After clarifying himself with Dorathy, Ozo then engaged Nengi who he frequently describes as his “spec” in the house.
The two were seen outside talking about their relationship and feelings for each other. Reviewing the nature of their relationship, Nengi stylishly made a comment saying she doesn’t see anything related to relationships for her in the house but for Ozo, he made his point about how people see them to be in a relationship which is actually the opposite.
Both were caught blushing after Ozo asked why she feels shy talking to him because she kept looking away all the time, she responded saying she is not comfortable discussing feelings with a person who expresses feelings for her.
He asked: “Who told you I like you? it’s fancy first then a progression to like”
She replied with a funny comment saying: “I don’t understand big english”
Ozo: “when we see tomorrow , it’s gonna be different”
Nengi: “how?”
Ozo: “you won’t need to think about what’s on my mind (feelings)”
Nengi: “we’ll see”
They hugged and said their Good nights.

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