Monday 13 July 2020

House agent welds tenant door, locking in a single mother and her sick child over unpaid rents (photos)

A mother was locked inside her apartment with her sick 2-year-old child by the house agent over unpaid rents.
The house agent welded the door belonging to Rhoda Makoha’s two-roomed apartment while she was inside with her sick child, leaving her four other children who were outside, playing.
The incident occurred over the weekend in Njoro sub-county, Nakuru in Kenya.
Speaking with The Star, the woman explained that she was unable to raise the rent money because her business outside Egerton University was affected following the outbreak of Coronavirus.
“Business at Egeron trading centre is entirely dependent on students and everything went down when schools and universities were shut down,” she said through the window.
Makoha who has lived in the house for six years said she locked herself in the house for fear of being thrown out, only for the agent to weld the door.
“I have been paying my rent promptly for six years and I was hoping that the agent could consider that before kicking me out,” she said.
Police officers were later deployed to the area to break into the house and rescue the woman and the baby.

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