Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Lady posts fiancé photo on Facebook, asks anyone who has a claim to him to indicate before it’s too late

A Ugandan lady recently took to her facebook page to show off her betrothed and also added that whoever has a claim to him should speak now or forever hold their peace.
According to the lady, the man in question is a Ugandan named Jonathan Katamba. She added that he is the last born of four children and he has shown his interest to marry her.
Sharing the photo of her man, she wrote ;
“Hey people, his name is Jonathan Katamba, the last born of four, the most amazingly faithful surveyor, property seller and manager I know in Uganda. He says he wants to marry me. If anyone objects to this, speak now,” she posted. 
“If he is engaged to you too, please speak now. If he has a child with you … etc, etc, speak now. When he marries me, please hold your peace,” she said. Good thing is that most of the comments read “no objection and congratulations,” we can safely say a wedding is on the cards.
The couple had a traditional introduction ceremony on June 21 and now they are awaiting their big day.

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