Sunday, 26 July 2020

Lady reveals how her friends helped her finish a due test in the middle of her birthday turn up

The photo a lady shared on her Twitter page of her friends assisting her in a test she forgot she had whilst having her birthday party has gone viral on the internet with a lot of people having things to say about it.
According to the lady, it was her birthday and while she was turning up with her friends, she realized that she had a test which had a midnight deadline.
She revealed that her friends came together to help her with the test in the middle of the turn up and it was this moment captured on camera that she shared writing,
I forgot I had a test during my birthday party and it was due at 11:59, so my girls came together and helped me finish in the middle of the turn up. 
Her photo has since generated lots of reactions on social media as people feel the test was supposed to be done by her alone and not with the assistance of anybody else of use of the internet.

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