Thursday 27 August 2020

A reporter is nearly blown off his feet in 'unsurvivable' Category 4 Hurricane Laura

Good Morning Britain viewers were outraged when a weather reporter was nearly blown away during an 'unsurvivable' hurricane on Thursday.

NBC News reporter Jay Gray was speaking to hosts Sean Fletcher and Ranvir Singh about the conditions in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The Category 4 Hurricane Laura has 150mph winds and is battering the south east, with residents being told to evacuate. 

Jay stayed in the storm to present his weather report but was nearly blown off his feet.

He said: 'A bit of a lull but here it comes again, you can feel it picking up and that's only going to continue to turn and get much more intense.'

The wind then picked up and became so strong he was forced to move and grab hold of his cap.

The presenters were then forced to cut away as Jay couldn't hear them and the hurricane became too strong.
Sean said: 'I think for your safety Jay we are going to have to leave you. You're talking about that being a lull, I can't imagine what it's going to be like when it really picks up. 

'The conditions look dangerous already for Jay.'


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