Tuesday 11 August 2020

Amy Hart says she 'finally feels confident' after £100,000 makeover to transform her smile

Amy Hart has said she is finally happy with her new smile after years of being trolled over her teeth.

The Love Island star, 27, unveiled the results of her £100,000 smile makeover by celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques on Instagram last month.

Now, Amy has revealed how she still get horrible flashbacks of the cruel comments bullies made over her old veneers.   

Explaining why she got new veneers, Amy told New Magazine: 'The trolling was definitely a factor, people would say, "your teeth are awful", "when are you going to sort your teeth out?"

'If people think I'm defined by my teeth that's their issue, but bottom line is, I had them done for me because I was unhappy with them. 

'I had gappy teeth when I was younger, then I had braces. People said horrible things about my teeth my entire life, so it was a big thing to have them done at 17.'

Amy had her first set of veneers done age 17 because her teeth were crooked making her 'so self-conscious'. 

The Love Island star said she was bullied over her crooked teeth and, while she tried to pass it off at humour at the time, she still suffers 'snapshot moments of the horrible things people have said to me'.  
She had 14 veneers and three bridges because she had three teeth missing. 


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