Wednesday 19 August 2020

Celebrity photographer's autistic son was 'suffocated with a sponge and laid down to rest next to his toys',

The murdered autistic son of a celebrity photographer died after being suffocated with a sponge, the court appearance of his accused killer mother heard this morning.

Olga Freeman, 40, was brought before the Old Bailey today after being charged with the murder of Dylan Freeman, ten, at the weekend at their home in Acton, west London. 

The court heard the mother is accused of killing him putting a sponge in Dylan's mouth and laying him down next to his favourite toys in the master bedroom. 

Joel Smith, prosecuting, said: 'The cause of death was found to be restriction of the airways.

'Parts of sponge were found within the throat of the deceased.'

Mrs Freeman's appearance came two days after her photographer ex told how he had been a 'beautiful, bright, inquisitive and artistic child' whose loss he could not begin to comprehend.

Mr Freeman is currently in Spain and his representative said when he heard the shocking and heart-breaking news he was 'beyond devastated'.

They added: 'He was a loving and caring father and even though divorced for a number of years, he cherished all the quality time spent with his son'.
In a statement, Mr Freeman added: 'Dylan was a beautiful, bright, inquisitive and artistic child who loved to travel, visit art galleries and swim. We travelled extensively over the years together spending such memorable time in places including Brazil, France and Spain. I can't begin to comprehend his loss.'

The representative continued: 'Dean has been touched by the messages of support he's received from friends and asks that the media respects his and his family's privacy at this awful time.'

Mrs Freeman was charged after a woman walked into a police station in the early hours of Sunday to speak to officers.

Police then found Dylan dead at the family home in, Acton, west London. Mrs Freeman appeared in court today to only answer her name before being told to appear at the Old Bailey on Wednesday.

Neighbours said the youngster - who had severe autism - had to use a wheelchair, had a number of disabilities and was unable to speak.

His father Mr Freeman is renowned in the photography world for his candid pictures of stars, including David Beckham and the Spice Girls.

He is the son of Robert Freeman, responsible for some music's most iconic album covers, including The Beatles' Rubber Soul masterpiece. 

Mrs Freeman, who is originally from Moscow, is registered as living in the property, which has an estimated value of £544,000.

A neighbour said they had been told she and Mr Freeman had now separated. 

In 2011 he credited his wife and son in a book by singer Michael Buble, showing behind the scenes glimpses of the American multi-million.

He said: 'Love to my amazing wife Olga and son Dylan. You are my world.' 


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