Monday 31 August 2020

Ghanaian Man, Suleman Alhassan Arrested In U.S With Stolen $130,000 Cash

A Ghanaian man in Charlotte, North Carolina, known as Suleman Alhassan has been arrested by police in the United States of America carrying $130,000 of stolen cash.

Suleman is a fraudster who scams unsuspecting women online to make money.

According to U.S authorities, he’s scammed numerous ladies, mostly elderly ones, via dating sites.

He runs a racket where he gets close to them then gets them to send him money.

He’s reportedly made over $1m out of his victims.

When police started chasing him he cashed out some of his winnings and tried escaping until he was arrested an an airport in the U.S state.

He has been sentenced to four years in jail and ordered to pay over $1m to his victims.

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