Sunday 16 August 2020

How I Almost Got Scammed Over A Civil Defense Job

Please don't mind my English just pay attention to the content.

A family friend called me and asked if I'll be interested in civil defense work, I told her yes why wouldn't I? She sent me a number to call the man he'll put me through the process.

I was excited, I called the man who spoke to me calmly, he asked me to send my details to him which include my name, age, height, qualifications and all, i did that without instantly i was sooo fast while typing I'm sure even flash will be trilled at the speed.

The next day he sent a civil defense form to me to fill and scan to his mail, i did that and called him to inform him, he then acknowledge that he has seen it and told me he has forwarded my form to their H.R. I should await their call, i was soo happy immediately i dropped the call i started googling salary of a degree holder of the civil defense officer, saw 121k in my mind i was like their Father i don arrive, i go soon buy Benz.


The H.R called me and told me they've contacted my school to ask if i graduated from their school and they told them yes. He then asked for my c.v and told me to wait for my appointment letter.

Early Thursday morning omo see appointment letter for my mail o!! with my name written in capital letter... I called him to notify him of the new development, he congratulated me and told me i will have to pay the sum of 85k for my 2 weeks training in Kano and the payment must be made before noon but i shouldn't worry the money will be returned after my training but u have to pay early so as not to loose the job. I went ahead to borrow the money from a friend and headed to the bank to make payment i already got inside the bank before calling him to send the acct number im to sent the money, that was how the civil defense H.R sent me Yayah Suleman's acct number, i started asking my self why would federal government send me a private account number to pay for training? called the guy and said o boy u almost fooled me sha, the guy laugh and said u got me nice one and dropped the call...

There are lot of scammers out there who will try to scam you all in the name of giving you employment abeg be careful.


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