Thursday, 20 August 2020

'I didn't feel I could say I was bisexual until I dated a man'

Rebecca Adlington's ex-husband Harry Needs has revealed he had his first same-sex  relationship last year.

The former competitive swimmer, 28, who came out as bisexual in June this year, told BBC News that he entered into a relationship with another man in 2019 and said he didn't feel he could say he truly say he was bisexual until this happened.

Father-of-one Harry, who was married to Olympian Rebecca from 2014-2016 said: 'I didn't feel like I could honestly say I was bisexual until I had a relationship with a man.

'I put myself out there as bisexual and went out on some dates with both women and men 

 'I then found myself in a relationship with another man and that was last year.'

Harry did not reveal the identity of of the man or say whether they were still in a relationship.

Harry and ex-wife Becky have stayed close friends as they amicably co-parent their daughter Summer, five, with Harry praising his former partner for her support when he revealed his bisexuality,   

He said: 'I only told Becky in the last year. I only told all my friends and family in the last year but everyone's reaction for me, especially Becky's, was really really positive
'It was just like "okay", no-one really cared, I felt like. I really just don't care about anyone else's opinion on me. For me love is love, you should be with whoever makes you happy. 

Opening up about their marriage, he said: 'I absolutely loved my marriage to Becky. It was amazing. I can't honestly say we had many arguments.

'And I guess that proves why we're good friends and why we have such a good relationship now, co-parenting our daughter Summer.'


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