Saturday, 29 August 2020

I've Been S*x Starved For 9 Years, Now I Use Vibrator - Nollywood Star, Timmy K MacNicol Opens Up

For nine years, UK-based Nollywood actress cum producer, Timmy K MacNicol has not had sex. And to relieve herself of emotional boredom, she has resorted to using sex toys.

In an encounter with Inside Nollywood, the mother of one who recently filed for divorce over alleged abuse, says she now sees herself as a virgin due to the lack of sex for a very long time.

“I’ve not had sex for nine years, so how would I feed my sexual urge? People that don’t have sex do masturbate. So, what do you expect? I use vibrator. I still see myself as a virgin and I am so proud of myself for staying faithful to a husband that doesn’t deserve it.
"I deserve to be treated like a queen for not cheating on my husband. For nine good years, (I’ve had) no sex. It has not been easy. I am fair-complexioned and beautiful. I am attractive although a plus size. I am sexy and men rush me, yet I didn’t commit adultery. I vowed not to do so, because I got to honour my marriage and keep marital vows. Some people won’t believe me, but I know that keeping that one commandment would make God protect me. Despite all the horrible things he put me through, I remained faithful to him.”

The Crazy Princess added that she would never have got married if she had listened to herself.

“My biggest regret is getting married. It is my worse decision ever. Marriage is not for everyone. Getting married without a parent or guardian like I did was a huge mistake. I had nobody to guide me towards the right path. Another regret is getting married to a much older man. And getting married to an abusive man is another worse decision. I had called off the wedding three days before the D-day but he manipulated me into going ahead. Now, I am in severe pains,” she lamented.

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