Monday 31 August 2020

Jilted husband of Brad Pitt's new lover Nicole Poturalski, 27, is seen for the first time since German model ran off

The jilted husband of Brad Pitt's new girlfriend Nicole Poturalski has been seen for the first time since she holidayed with the Hollywood heart-throb.

Dressed casually in a green linen shirt, blue jeans and white trainers, 68-year-old restaurateur Roland Mary was spotted at lunchtime today going into his Berlin eaterie Borchadt, where Brad and Nicole first met last August. 

Pitt, 56, sparked rumours of a romance with Angelina Jolie lookalike Nicole when he was spotted with her at France's Le Castellet Airport on Wednesday. 

Onlookers said the pair were behaving like 'lovestruck teenagers' as they couldn't keep their hands off each other at the airport - before flying to a smaller airport close to where they were staying last week at Ch√Ęteau Miraval, the estate Pitt purchased for $67 million in 2011 with his ex-wife Angelina.

Mr Mary, who has been married several times, is said to be 'philosophical' about his wife's close relationship with the American big-screen legend.

The businessman is said to be in an 'open marriage' with his 27-year-old partner, with who he has a seven-year-old son, Emil.

Double Oscar winner Pitt was struck by Nicole's stunning figure and seductive pout when they were introduced last summer at the Berlin city centre restaurant.

The star was having dinner there while promoting his latest Tarrantino movie 'Once Upon A Time in Hollywood' with the legendary director and co-stars Leonardo di Caprio and Margo Robbie.
Nicole is said to have passed Brad her phone number and they met up several weeks later when she was in Los Angeles for work.

'When Brad was at Borchadt, she [Nicole] gave him her number with a wink,' a friend of the couple who was at the restaurant that night told MailOnline

While Nicole's trip to Pitt's Chateau Miraval in the south of France last week came as a shock to the showbusiness world, it was not a surprise to Mr Mary.

Mr Mary has declined to discuss his wife's trip to France with star Pitt. He said simply, 'No comment'.

But the businessman who owns four restaurants in Berlin, including the celebrity haunt Borchadt, has told friends and family that the situation is 'normal'.

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