Saturday 29 August 2020

Lady Who Claimed Pilot In Crashed Helicopter Died While In Hospital, Recants Her Statement

Gloria Ugolee, the lady who initially claimed that the pilot in the ill-fated helicopter crash that occurred in Lagos on Friday, August 28 died while the hospital waited for a police report, has recanted her statement.

Gloria who is friends with the deceased pilot wrote

''Captain Chika Ernest,pilot of the plane crash in opebi Lagos this afternoon. He emptied the fuel tank to avoid explosion on impact,he crashed on a fence avoiding the roofs and house. Always looking out for others. My brother and friend since primary school, said he was in pH just this week, and now he is gone. Taken to the hospital but after taking all the videos for social media, they waited for police report untill he died. I miss you is an understatement. John11:23-25 my only consolation.''

Well, she has recanted her statement and has even deleted her previous post.

In a new post on her IG page, Gloria said she cannot confirm if the pilot really died while the hospital was waiting for a police report. Her post reads

''Chika is gone! No I can Not confirm if it was the police report or something else, I wasn't there, when I asked last night about his condition, that is what I was told. He is gone. We are all sad that he survived the crash but didn't make it through, it truly would be unfair to blame anyone out of grief. Please lets allow the family to grieve.''

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