Saturday, 29 August 2020

Should I Help my Ex girlfriend family?

Good evening people please I need your advice regards to this, I got separated from my ex girlfriend last year because she told me her travel plans abroad I was a bit sceptic About the nature of job she’ll do there, she’s the type that’s ready and willing to do anything to help her family.

After everything I told her not to embark on the journey that she should be patient with me, once my business picked up I’ll care for her and her family, she refused and traveled last year, few months before she left she gave me some money to add to my business I wouldn’t want to state the actual amount but a bit huge. Of recent her family really suffering because my ex had issue with the person that took her abroad so she’s passing through difficult time though she’s hiding some info from me since she’s not able to make money, she called me of recent that I should please do anything to help her family.

Now I’ve got a new girlfriend I told my new girlfriend about the issue but she said I shouldn’t give my ex family any money, because we ain’t together anymore that if I do she’ll leave me

Please people help me what should I do? My mind is really disturbing me and I still love my ex I wish I’ve a way to bring her back to Nigeria so we can start a family I don’t care the type of job she went there to do and I don’t mind what she has been through. She did so much for me, she made sacrifice that this my new girl won’t do, I don’t even know if my new girlfriend loves me or because of my money.

Though I love my new girlfriend but part of me is with my ex I don’t know if she’ll will be willing to return though I’ve not discussed it with her. And now my new girlfriend threatening to leave me if I assist or give back the money my ex gave me as support for my business before she travelled to her family I’ve been down for days thinking so much.


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