Wednesday 19 August 2020

'This man is telling a pregnant woman he wants to beat her!'

Chrissy Teigen was forced to hit back at a Twitter troll on Wednesday after they sent her a threatening message saying they wanted to 'beat her a*s'.    

The pregnant wife of John Legend, 34, had retweeted body camera footage released by Masai Ujiri's legal team showing the alleged altercation with California sheriff's deputy Alan Strickland at the 2019 NBA Finals.

To which a male Twitter user responded with: 'But you like.....[pizza emojis] f**k you and your morals. I wish you'd play hockey I'd f**kin rock your a*s you dirt bag!'

Chrissy retweeted his threatening message and hit back with: '"I wish you played hockey so I could rock your a*s" lmao hooooo boy what an inverted needed**k.'

Yet despite the majority of her 13.1 million followers supporting her, some users further trolled the pregnant star.

A different account responded to her message with: 'It's funny how you get so offended with these messages [laughing emojis] They seem to be hitting somewhere in those deleted tweets huh.' 

To which Chrissy replied with: 'Do I seem offended? Did the lmao tell you that? because I'm not. even though this man is telling a pregnant woman he wants to beat her a*s, I'm not offended. men like you are the downfall of the universe.'

While another account replied to her tweet with: 'Curious as to what kind of gain comes from responding in such a manner, w/random people; who ultimately have no impact on your life, on the internet? 

'One would think a woman of your stature — career, family, wealthy — would have much more.. effective ways to spend their time.'
To which Chrissy hit back with: 'I spend my time quite effectively. I have many businesses and children and a very good life. You can also do what you want and not follow me or tell me how to react or respond to threats.'


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