Sunday 16 August 2020

"We Must Immortalise Walter Carrington For His Help To Nigerians" - Bola Tinubu

In one of the most shameful utterance made by Nigeria's future president to be, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, He is asking for the immortalisation of former USA ambassador to Nigeria despite the excruciating hardship and suffering faced by the Nigerian citizens. Utterances like this, shows that the ruling class and political leaders have no worry for the Nigerian citizens or their plight of being the poorest country in the whole wide world.

In his tribute to the late diplomat, Tinubu described Carrington as a citizen of one nation and son of two, adding that he was a bridge between Africa and the African-American.

“To forget him would be a shameless act like forgetting one’s older brother. Let us honour him. His name shall take its rightful and good place in the annals of this nation.

“The principled manner in which he lived should be taught to our children.

“Let us continue his legacy by expanding and strengthening that bridge, for the benefit of our race,” he said.

The APC national leader commended the late ambassador for his struggle for democracy in Nigeria and for lending himself to the fight against repressive government in Nigeria.

“He openly and unconditionally championed the advent of democratic freedom and constitutional governance in the country.

“He was an outstanding example of courage amidst humility and intellect, teamed with compassion,” he said.

Tinubu described Carrington as a proud and noble black man who stood up for his convictions.

“He lived with us during a troubled and uncertain time.

“We were in the clutches of an epic battle between democracy and dictatorship, between freedom and oppression, and between enlightened progress and authoritarian reaction.

“He could have maintained a diplomatic distance and acted cozily with the Abacha regime.

“His life would have been less difficult and safer. But he eschewed personal comfort for the higher prize of a greater mission.

“Ambassador Carrington has gone to be with God, but before he left, he taught us by example, what it means to be pan-Africanist.

“Now we must follow. Well-done Ambassador Carrington. Extremely well-done,” he said.

Tinubu extended his condolences to Carrington’s wife, Arese, adding that she was such a wonderful partner to the diplomat.

He prayed God to give her the solace and comfort that could come only from God’s hand.

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