Sunday, 20 September 2020

2020 Olójó Festival Commences Today With Gbajure Cultural Carnival + Full Order Of Events (Vid)


The Olojo Festival is a festival in Ife, Osun State, in Nigeria. It is a culture festival in the calendar of the Ile-Ife, Osun State which is located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It is the celebration of the remembrance of “Ogun”, god of Iron, who is believed to be the first son of Oduduwa, progenitor of the Yoruba people. The festival is held annually in October.

Dignitaries from different parts of the country & the world arrived Ile Ife today, cultural ambassadors and dance groups of all ages arrived with dance and excitements.

What is Gbajure?
There are sacred enchantments and song that often prelude the commencement of Olojo festival as part of the ritual of the celebration.

Gbajure! Gbajure! Gbajure!!!
An interlude that indicates the arrival of the festival.

A se Olojo!!!

A ke Gbajure o!!!


Saturday 19th Sepetmber 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 1
Gbajure Cultural Carnival

Thursday 24th September 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 2
Cultural Trade/Art Exhibition, Closing Ceremony
Ayo Olopon Traditional Game         
Cultural Entertainment Hunt (Audition)

Friday 25th September 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 3
Ojo Bagun, Iwode Ile-Ife (Community Cleansing)
Oonirisa Terrestrial Message to the World
Olojo Festival Ankara Carnival

Saturday 26th September 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 4
Ojo Okemogun, The Aare Cultural Procession

Sunday, 27th September, 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 5
Ojo Ajoye (Asekogbo)
Grand Royal Invitational Reception

Monday, 28th September 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 6
Ojo Ibile (Oonirisa Ancestral Traditional Propitiation)
Cultural Entertainment Hunt (Final)

Wednesday 30th September 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 7
Yeye Gbobaniyi Oduduwa Support Initiative

Friday, 2nd October, 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 8
Yeye Bobagunwa Support Initiative

Saturday 3rd October 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 9
Yeye Bobakeye Support Initiative

Monday 5th October 2020
OLỌ́JỌ́ 2020-DAY 10
Gbobaniyi Social Club Support Initiative

Olojo Festival 2020 Ends

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