Thursday, 24 September 2020

Ladies Who Don't Want Sex Should Stay Off Romantic Affairs.

 First, I am not using this post to say that ladies who desire a no-sex relationship are wrong or are committing a crime. Everyone has the right to decide what idea they feel is right for them or not.

Morally and spiritually speaking, any girl who feels that she doesn't want to have sex till she's married has not committed a crime; it's not out of place. The foundation on which this idea is mostly built on by many young women is where the problem lies.

Romantic affairs are nothing but romantic affairs! They involve romance and I believe everyone reading this post knows what romance is. What romance is, is what romantic relationships entail. Let it not be as if we are still in primary school, learning life basics.

 Romantic relationships are not just for kneeling down to pray together, playing ten-ten, ludo, kalokalo or suwe. It involves things that are done behind closed doors. If a girl doesn't want sex in a relationship, she should ask herself first what type of relationship she's into. If it's not a platonic or brother/sister relationship, then she better stay off romantic affairs until she's ready to marry!!!

You own your body as a girl but don't try to turn a full grown sexually active man to a celibate or eunuch because that is what you desire in a ROMANTIC AFFAIR! If he wants sex and you don't, kindly tell him your principle and move on. If he doesn't 'touch' you, who will he touch? Won't he touch somebody outside? Will that not make rubbish of your relationship?

Young ladies who don't want sex in romantic affairs should stay off or look for a celibate who can dance to their tune. After all, most girls have made it a culture not to give anything else in a relationship other than sex. Being that the average African man gives virtually everything, his time, resources, energy including his soul in relationships, what do you, as young women expect him to gain when most of you cannot offer anything other than sex? He won't take that gladly knowing fully well that you are trying to withhold the only thing he knows he can gain from you! If I meet a girl who says she wants a no-sex affair, I should be able to see tangible things I can gain from the relationship. Being a demanding girl in a no-sex affair should be a suicide attempt in relationship.

I might not be too kind with idealism; romantic affairs involve SEX! Even if you go to Madagascar, Norway, Bolivia or Czech Republic, it's the same thing. If you cannot withstand the hotness of the kitchen, stay off the kitchen!

Tips from a Facebook friend

The truth is, if you don't want sex, then please don't kiss him or make him ready for it. That's torture. It is just like touching your cucchies and the guys stands up and walks away.

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