Sunday, 20 September 2020

"My Step-Dad Is Cheating On My Mum With Me" - 300L Female Student


You sometimes find out about some incredibly hard to believe situations that makes you question how true or the chances of things like this happening. Here is one of such stories, where this young lady seemed confused on being her Father's girlfriend, while her mum knows nothing about it - read the full story below:

I have a confession to make. My conscience is judging me. I love my mum and I feel bad I am her husband's side chick. I am a student in my 300 level. During the lock down.1 was having issues with my boyfriend and couldn't sort it out because we can't travel.  I was all alone in my room feeling moody. My mum sells food stuffs so she always go out very early to come back late. My step that came into my room to cheer me up. He asked what happened and I told him d issue I was having in my relationship. One thing led to another and we had sex, to tell you the truth that was d best sex of my life. I felt bad cos I feel I'am betraying my mum but I keep asking for more. I forgot about my boyfriend immediately. We had sx morning evening and night as d spirit leads. He's not going to work cos of lock down so we had time for ourselves. My problem now is that I am addicted to his dipk. Recently my mum started complaining to me that she's suspecting that my step dad is cheating on her because each time my mum ask him for sx, he will claim he's tired. I decided to travel to my grand mom s place so that I will distant myself from him. I've been away for 2weeks but I miss him badly. I am no longer concentrating over here. I am too ashamed to complain to anybody that is why I am bringing it here. My step dad has been begging me for us to see at a nearby hotel even if it's for a night, how do I get him off my mind. I am pitying my mum and at the same time jealous of her. Howl wish he's mine. He knows how to handle a woman.

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