Friday 4 September 2020

Ten(10) Signs That Your Partner Is A Heart-Breaker

Generally speaking, heartbreak is terrible. It’s something that you would never want to put yourself through. There’s a certain kind of pain there that’s just so difficult to endure; so difficult to overcome. You first meet someone and you think that the both of you have some potential. You think that there’s something special between the two of you and you want to nurture it to the best of your abilities. You have invested in one another; you try your best to make things work. You really put a lot of effort into your relationship. And for the first part, things start off great. But then somewhere along the line, things start to get really complicated and sour.
You never want to be so unlucky to find yourself in a heartbreaking experience. That’s why you always need to be making it a point to protect yourself from heartbreakers. You always want to make sure that the relationships that you find yourself in won’t end up betraying you in the end.
 You want to make sure that you have a partner who isn’t going to just break your heart when it’s all said and done. But how do you know? How are you going to be able to weed out the potential heartbreakers from the good ones? Well, if you’re really concerned with taking care of your heart, then this article is perfect for you. If you find that a lot of these signs are present with the partner that you’re dating, then it’s likely that he or she is a heart breaker.
Here are the Signs:

#1. He/She Doesn’t Show Any Sign Of Commitment

A Lady Nagging Over His Boyfriend Nonchalant Attitude In The Relationship
A heartbreaker doesn’t want to commit to you. He/she doesn’t want to make things official with you. He or she doesn’t want you to think that he/she is really going to invest himself into the relationship with you. You can’t just spot an heartbreaker with giving no sign of commitment in a relationship, to him or her commitment is a taboo.

#2. He/She Doesn’t Always Have Answer To Question As To The Future Of The Relationship:

A heartbreaker doesn’t give answer to anything that point to the future of the relationship, he or she doesn’t see any future with you so to him or her, silence is the best answer when any question like that comes in. Few heartbreakers may try to give you a non-straightforward answer when it comes to questions as to the future, they can also try to play on your intelligence, telling you stuff like nobody knows tomorrow, let it come first, I can’t really say much about that now. Yeah, we know nobody knows tomorrow, only God does, but everyone has the ability to dream tomorrow, so when question as to the future of the relationship is being asked, a true partner should be able to say what is his or her dream as to the future of the relationship. A true relationship ensures both partners have present and future plans for the relationship.
#3. He/She Still Flirts While Dating You
A Guy Flirting With His Girlfriend’s Friend
A heartbreaker sees nothing wrong with flirting with other opposite sex. It just goes to show that he or she is still keeping options open. He or she may give excuse like, that’s how I am, it’s nothing, no strings attached and all. Hey dear, the truth is if he or she really cares for you and want you all to his or herself, nothing like that will happen. Flirting with others while in a relationship is a total disrespect to the emotions of your partner. Once you see your partner finds it easy to flirt with other opposite sex just know he or she doesn’t give any damn to you and you are likely to be heartbroken at last.

#4. You Are Not A Priority To Him/Her

A heartbreaker doesn’t consider his or her partner a priority that’s why he or she won’t care if your heart be broken at last. He/she doesn’t give cognizance to you before making a serious decision, most times doesn’t see you as a relevant factor in his or her life. A heartbreaker doesn’t care about your opinion, he or she goes all the way to please him or herself in any situation. He/she would rather spend more time with his friends because he doesn’t really consider you to be a priority in his life.
#5.Physical Intimacy Above Communication
Moment Of Physical Intimacy
A heart-breaker gives more attention to physical intimacy than communication, he or she will rather wants to touch you, do stuff with you than trying to connect with you. He/she doesn’t try to establish a bond with you. He or she doesn’t try to build intimacy through communication with you because he or she is not really looking to have a serious relationship with you. Heart-breakers can go hours and days without contacting their partners just because they don’t care about the feelings of their partners. See, if he or she is not committed to you in communication, he or she is not into you. Regardless of how busy your partner may claim to be, there should be a slight communication every day. It doesn’t have to be a long phone conversation; it can be by text, just to let you know he or she cares. Poor communication is something to pay serious attention to in a relationship. Where there is poor communication, it will be easy for any heart-breaker to do his or her act. He or she will just leave you in the relationship to be dating yourself without communicating. This is more painful!

#6. He/She Doesn’t Make Any Effort To Get Your Friends Like Or Interest

A Man Refusing To Meet With His Girlfriend’s Friend
A heartbreaker doesn’t really concern himself or herself with trying to get your friends to like him/her. He isn’t investing himself in gaining your friends’ trust. And that’s probably because he doesn’t really see himself as being an important part of your future. Whether your friends like him or her is their headache, he or she doesn’t give a damn about that.

#7. He/She Is Not Interested In Knowing You Better

He doesn’t feel like he has to invest himself in your life. He doesn’t feel like he has to get to know you better; to expose himself to your world a little more.

#8.  He/She Can Never Allow You Access His/Her Phone

A Man Chatting Away From His Girlfriend
A heartbreaker doesn’t joke with his or her phone, you can never access it. Not even when the phone is ringing, you can never even see his or her phone rings, it’s usually on silent. If you mistakenly try to use his or her phone, no matter the distance he or she is, running to stop you from accessing the phone will be done within a twinkle of an eye. There are many calls a heartbreaker cannot pick in the presence of his or her friend, he or she may claim to you that the reason for not picking is not to call distraction to you guys nice time together or say all sorts of lies. Lying is usual not far from the lips of a heartbreaker.
#9. He/She Is Selfish And Always Feels You Should Take Anything He Or She Has To Offer
He/She really compels you to be the one who caters to his/her needs but never feels like he/she has to ever cater to yours. A heartbreaker is very selfish and wants you to be the one who gives everything that you have to the relationship and you just have to take him/her as he/she is. Words like “you should try to understand”, “I think you understand, why are you complaining”

#10. Your Instincts Are Telling You That Something Is Wrong

You should always be able to trust your guts. Your instincts are there to protect you. Your instincts are looking out for you when you are being blinded by your own feelings. Pay attention to your instinct when it keeps warning you that something is wrong, stop and take time to look into the relationship with an honest mind.

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