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Tiwa Savage “Celia” Album Lyrics Breakdown

Tiwa Savage’s third studio album ‘Celia‘, has been a much-anticipated body of work. The album which features the likes of Davido, Hamzaa, Sam Smith, Stefflon Don, Dice Ailes, and Naira Marley snagged the number one spot on charts before its release.

TIWA SAVAGE “CELIA” ALBUM…. Named after her mother Cecilia Savage, the album is a memoir of a classic and typical African woman. Tiwa Savage is unapologetic about being a game changer in an industry dominated by males without failing to show a vulnerable side to show that she is human after all. The album is packed with hit singles; “Attention“, Dangerous Love,” and “Koroba,” dope collaborations, and an impeccable show of her sultry vocals. This article gives a detailed breakdown of the lyrics of each tracks on the album.
Track 1. “Save My Life”
On the first track off the album, Tiwa sings to her love interest to take her to the highest levels of bliss. Tiwa says she loves how he makes her come alive.
“Higher, high up in the sky, Makes me come alive ah, Ah huh don’t let me down yeah, Gbere ko gbe, Ko gbe mi gbere, Bo shen gu mi la be mogbe, O ka re uhmmmmmm, I got everything you need, I am feeling your energy, So come put it all on me, Oooh…”
Apparently his existence, energy and man power is the only thing that can save her life.
“Save my life, If you want all my body, Better hold me right, Take your time, If you want all my body, Better hold me tight….”
The track is basically a sex invitation song. Tiwa Savage was asking her man to come be in charge of her body, command it with his hot energy and spend quality time on her because she’s down for any play.
Track 2. “Temptation” ft Sam Smith
It’s a soft love declaration song. Tiwa Savage promises to treat her man right if he does the same. She also promises to give him everything he likes because he gives her ginger.
“Look me in the eyes, Look me in the eyes, Je ka ri ra, If you do me nice, If you do me right, I’ma give you, everything you like, Anything you like, Give me ginger, Oh give me ginger, oh no…”
Looking at him, Tiwa feels tempted to do all sorts to/with him. She can’t just resist him at a mere sight.
“Temptation, temptation, That’s all I see when I look at you, Temptation, temptation (Temptation), That’s all I see when I look at you,Oh, oh”
Sam Smith sings about how his lover hets the better of him every time after feigning to be strong. For Sam, it’s a forbidden affair but he cant also resist because the shape of his lover’s body keeps coming into mind. He further sings about how the sound of her promises which echo deep inside of him compels him to crave attention.
“Sweet temptation, got the better of me, baby, I guess I’m not that strong, uh, My whole body leaner closer to you lately, Even though I know it’s wrong, I just give into, The shape of your body, replays in my mind, The sound of your promises, echo in me deep inside, Crave your attention, it compliments my pride, All fired up, with nowhere to go…”
Basically this track links with the first – ‘Save My life’ , its like a previous scene (What happened earlier before the guy got an invitation to access her body)
Track 3. “Pakalamisi” ft HAMZAA
Tiwa just got her heart broken by her bobo and only wants to drown her sorrows with multiple shots of Hennessy and get high.
“Ah Pour me drink, Henessy, Free me now, Wanna drown in my worries”
She is devastated that this is happening to her and asks for a pastor and the police to be called because she doesn’t seem to understand herself anymore, she is out of control and doesn’t want to overract.
“Lord have mercy, This is scary, Scatter my system, One time in a hurry, You uuuh oooh…, Oh my God (Likino), Call pastor (Pakilikino), Call police, ’cause na emergency nah nah, Jeez, wooh ooh aaah. I no fi talk, weytin you do, Whether na juju oo, Khokorona kunuuu nah aii, You, you you oooh oo…”
Despite all that has happened, she still has feelings for him and wants him close, back.
“Oh my baby ah, kuja hapa aah, Even though you make me mad, I stay ’cause I want you (Aah aah ah), Nakupenda, where you feel I’m gonna, You bring the gun and the fire is crazy. Crazy ’cause I (Ah), Can’t control ah (Ah), What you doin’ now (Now)…”
This track also links with the previous two, after giving the hot man/guy access to her body and her, Tiwa realizes he is a bad addiction. He seems to have another lady who he is seeing and Tiwa on the other hand wants him to herself alone.
Track 4. “Koroba”
In this first verse, Tiwa challenges Nigeria’s political corruption and how men and women are portrayed in society. Tiwa lays it out plain and simple- she’s not in this life to suffer, who doesn’t like enjoyment? Tiwa says if she tries to date a politician, the media will pick the story and her naysayers will label the act as prostitution.
The relationship between a young woman and a male politician is not a new development in the society. Despite the fact that the relationship is between two consenting adults, the woman is heavily criticized. She is labeled as a prostitute or home wrecker while the man goes scot-free, with his reputation still intact. However, people fail to realize that the man is a politician who embezzles the nation’s money when actually he is even worse for stealing money from the country and spending it on young girls?
“I no come this life to suffer, If I follow politician, You go hear am for paper, Them go call am prostitution, Who no like enjoyment?, If money dey for pocket, Shebi na national budget o?, We go blow am like trumpet..”
Tiwa puts herself in the shoes of a woman dating a politician. After a night of having fun under the sheets, the politicians says he has his eyes all over her because she has the tendency to steal from him as most professional escorts do. She retorts telling him he is also a thief that has stolen millions he never worked for from the masses.
“He say darling I’m watching you, Small thing you turn mugu, You come dey shout ole, The money you no work for, Bad commando, You carry overload, Yawa dey, igboro, Sho wole, ko wole..”
In the last verse, she tells him to pay for her services as he is a politician that is spending what he never worked for.
“I no mean to bother you, at all, Monkey dey work bamboo dey chop, Kilamity tell me, say you talk and do oga, Tell me wetin you fi do (do, do), I no mean to bother you, at all, Monkey dey work bamboo dey chop, Kilamity tell me say you talk and do oga, Tell me wetin you fi do”
The message of this track is clear: we spend so much time putting women down for their actions and we don’t hold men accountable for theirs.
Track 5. “Bombay” Featuring Stefflon Don & Dice Ailes
‘Bombay’ is about a confident girl who knows she’s the baddest bitch in town.
“This my bumbum Bigger than Bombay oo, Bombay oo, Bombay oo, Bombay, Gimme make I sare oo, Bombay, Bombay oo, Bombay. Bigger than bombay oo, Bombay oo, Bombay oo, Bombay oo, Gimme make I sare oo, Bombay, Bombay oo, Bombay”
On this track she realized that her body is a full Asset that can’t be handled by one man. She knows her capacity and whoever wants it must pay heavily. Tiwa isn’t tempted by looks again, she isn’t giving her body access free any longer.
Track 6. “Dangerous Love”
Tiwa begins the track singing about a dangerous love affair which she got herself into. A man makes her feel like the only woman in the world but she is still having doubts.
“I’ve been in my room, but I know outside there’s sunshine oo, Oh baby, you’re my sunshine oo, So why I still dey catch cold oo?, E do me, like I never fall in love, Make me feel like the first time, yeah, A dangerous love affair, I’m gambling on my heart, (My heart)”
Tiwa says she is ready to love him till death but she’s just too scared to open up cos she can’t deal with possible heartbreak.
“I fit to love you tire, (I fit to love you tire), Are you really the one ?, No go come tire for me, Make e no go turn yawa for me,Yeah”
She also confesses to being deep in love with him cos she gets different vibe every time they met and even her body responds to him at different sights.
“You be giving me a different type of vibe, Everytime I see you , my body dey soro, Even in a different time, (Ohh ohh ohh). (Ohh I’m deep), I’m deep , I’m deep in love with you, I’m deep in love with you,Ohh deep in love with you”
Dangerous Love is a relatable story of a love that too good to be real. A love affair that might later turn sore but it’s too addicting to ignore. Its like sugar which is portrayed in the official artwork of the single. A lot of women have been in this situation; friends warn them about the love that would eventually end in tears but they still won’t listen and choose to fall.
Track 7. “Park Well” ft Davido 
Tits a beautiful story of two lovers who think about each other for the point of waking up to sleeping at night. Tiwa opens the up the track saying she wants to call her man 24/7.
“Early mor mor na your phone, I dey call, baby, Two-four-seven, baby, You I dey want, baby, Walai, no yawa for you, baby, Chai park well and balance well for me, yeah..”
Davido also sings about not having time for chit chat because all he wants is to pull her closer. He too wants her to park well and balance for him.
“No time for chitchat, I want you to pull me closer, baby,Oh, I miss you, I can’t lie, We don’ build, love wey distance. Not fit corrupt, No yawa, no yawa, oh, Baby, tell me no yawa, oh, Park well and balance well for me…”
This track can be linked with the previous track 6, to clear her mind about the love feeling been dangerous Tiwa walks up to her man and tells him to park his car well in her garage and balance in her life.
Track 8. “Us” (Interlude)
On this track, Tiwa discussed her failed marriage to Tunji ‘Teebillz’ Balogun. Their divorce was one of the nastiest breakups in the entertainment industry. Tiwa said she should have seen the warnings before everything went downhill. For Tiwa, love wasn’t enough for their marriage to last long. However, she made it known that at least they both came out with something from the union, their son, Jammal.
“Falling all the leaves are falling, I should have seen the warnings…So many times we lie for love and mama prayed for us still not enough, not enough. It wasn’t enough, I wasn’t enough, you weren’t enough, love wasn’t enough…”
From the lyrics of this track you would tell it the deepest… and it also carries a Warm message with a lot of unsaid things. Well it continues in the next track
Track 9. “FWMM” (Fuck With My Mind) 
Tiwa Savage confirms that she is a big babe and refuses to settle for anyone who isn’t fully into her. Tiwa Savage warns her man not to fuck with her mind or else there would be consequences.
“Big man, You’re a biggi man, You swear you’ve been around yeh, But I don’t be depending on you, so you can keep your money on you, you. I’m bigger than that, More than titties and ass, Can never be a minimal catch. Fuck with me, you’re in a match, oh no…”
She tells him to focus on only her, journey with her to be better or else she would go solo. She tells him not to give her any reason to leave because she is actually loving the little freedom she is tasting.
“Oh no, let’s do this thing slow mode, You either come with me or I’ll do this shit solo, I’m loving this freedom, so don’t give me a reason to leave ya cause lowkey I don’t need ya”
Again, she tells him that he doesn’t want to fuck with her mind or try her because she can get bitchy and feisty (she’s sure he’s not going to like that version of her)
Don’t try me, imma bad bitch, You don’t wanna try me, Show me love, talk to me nicely, You don’t never wanna see me get feisty, Oh no,, you use to giddy away, Baby, not today, Did it all, and I did it my way, it’s nothing… Don’t wanna fuck with my mind, oh Baby fuck with my mind…”
The love story ends here… A little warning is enough for the Wise!
Track 10. “Ole” ft Naira Marley 
So someone made a deal with Tiwa or borrowed from her and has now refused to do the needful (Give account of their transaction). She warns him to pay up because it won’t be funny when she calls her goons to deal with him.
“Gimme my money, Wetin you owe me, Don’t go funny, You don’t know me, You see my goons, they be rolling, No want tori oo, Oga share the money, Ayayaya”
Just because she’s quiet doesn’t mean she’s a fool. All she wants is her money.
“Because sey I quiet no mean sey I be fool, Lori titi awon temi ti kanaku hmmm… E ba mi ki gbe ole (ole ole), Come and see ole (ole ole), Somebody shout ole (ole ole), Ki gbe ole (ole ole), Come and see ole (ole ole), Somebody shout ole (ole ole)..”
The Outro of the track mimics the conversation between a Niger Delta Minister Godswill Akpabio and the lawmakers leading the recent NDDC Probe. Tiwa Savage reference to a viral video of the incident, Probe that occurred at the Nigerian senate meeting. The 40 billion Naira mismanagement.
This just shows that Tiwa was referring to our leaders/politician that embezzle from the nation, take us as fool, neglect us and runaway from their duties.
Track 11. “Attention”
Tiwa is frustrated as her man refuses to give her the attention she desires. She sings about being tired of the relationship and suggests they take a break because he keeps getting worse.
“Baby me tire for dis your matter, E don dey give me a headache o, E be like say we go take a break o, break o, Enough of your promises, You say you gon make it up to me, But you keep getting worse o, worse o”
She misses their fun time together; dates at the movies, restaurants, and sex in the bedroom. She suspects that he is giving his time to someone else.
“When was the last time you carry me go, Cinema to see a movie?, You don take this thing like play o, play o, And when last you tell me to bend over, Make you jam the ting enter?, I guess you’re giving it to someone else”
She tells him that if she doesn’t get that quality attention back, she might get it from someone else and there’s nothing he can do about it.
“If you don’t give me quality attention o yea (attention), (If you don’t give me quality attention), I might get it from somebody else (‘body else), (I might get it from somebody else)”
She goes on to sing about how he was so into her that he did all the caring, calling, and texting in the relationship. Tiwa tells him to fix things up before he makes her change her mind.
“Before na you dey do the caring, calling, texting, chatting, Now na me dey do the things that you used to do, We no longer do the hold on, pick two, last card, check up, Baby I dey discuss games we used to play. Something is missing, something is missing, And I can’t seem to find it, no, no, no, no, no, Something is missing, something is missing, And you better fix it before you make a sister change”
The track basically portrays a woman who is tired of how her man treats her. Saying she’s tired of his empty promises and wants him to do all that he used to do in the past. She wants him to be caring, to do things that other men do with their girls, like going to the cinema, restaurants, buying them things, having hot sex, and so on. But at the same time, it’s like telling the man, Don’t get it twisted…there are other guys out there. If you don’t get your act together, I’m gonna get love from somebody else.
Track 12. “Glory”
This is a song with deep lyrics that showcase Tiwa’s thoughts and prayers. All she wants to do is to live to tell her story, be alive to smell flowers. Not everyone has that chance to live, so you must live your glory.
“I don’t know about anybody else, But all I want to do is live to tell my story, Flowers that you bring at home to smell, Not everybody gets a chance to live That glory (Ah mmh) Glory, Yeah Glory (Mmmh) glory, I wanna live my, my glory (Mmh) glory, You gotta live your, your glory”
She sings about how everything that happens in life has a purpose and how people spend their whole lives searching for that glory.
“Some people spend their whole life, Out there searching… with all the noisy it’s hard to keep your focus. And everything we go through Has it’s purpose, Might not be so bad after all, It’s a blank cheque in an open road, But the wrong way is the long way to go, Dreadline in the deep end of the ocean, This is nothin’ left between you and your glory..”
Glory is Tiwa Savage talking about not being scared to pursue her destiny. She understands that a lot of people don’t fulfill their purpose in life because they’re scared or out there chasing what is not.
Track 13. “Celia’s Song”
Celia’ song is Tiwa’s prayer for her mother and appreciation to God.
“In everything I do, With everything I am, I’m singing Hallelujah, Mo la enu mi soke, Everyday mo sa fiyin baba, I’m singing Hallelujah, Hallelujah (Hallelujah), I’m singing Hallelujah, Hallelujah (Hallelujah), I’m singing Hallelujah”
Tiwa says her mother and God has always got her back even when the world was upside down. She acknowledges her mom’s efforts as she would have never gone far without her help and the strength to push on from God.
“How would I, How would I get by in this life, Without you?, I’ll be lying, Ti bani agabara kan ni mo ni ti fi da be, Doesn’t matter what we’ve been through (Mmmh). All that matters is what I can do, Even though the world around me, Is upside down, I always have my ground with you”
There are sometimes she can’t seem to keep up with everything around her but her mother stood by her and was of huge help. She sings the words her mom told her whenever she feels down and thinks she can’t go on.
“There are times in life, I Can’t seem to keep myself up, Out of my bed, Be my help in life, So this lonely I, Am gon’ need someone, To walk with me, Sugbon riro ni te’niyan, Sise teledumare oba, Oh I’ve seen alot, For my life will be nothing, Without my (Hallelujah)”
Tiwa sings praises and appreciates her mother for everything she has done even when people thought she was crazy for doing music.

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