Thursday 10 September 2020

TX - EP Review; With “Table For Two” Korede Bello Deserves To Be The Prince Of Love


Artiste – Korede Bello, Body Of Work – “Table For Two” Review (EP)
Tracks/Duration – 5 Songs, 15 Minutes
Label – Mavin Records
Every artist strives to be better than their previous project. With every new sound they chun out to the public they ensure they are pushing the envelope, trying new things whilst staying true to who they really are and building a loyal fan base.
After a long break from the music scene Korede Bello returns with an EP titled “Table For Two” much to the pleasing of female Bellovers who are not only enjoying the new music but also his new look. Popularly known for his hit song “Godwin”, “Mr. Vendor”, “Do Like That” this EP seems to be changing Korede’s sounds, brand and public perception. Set to steal ladies heart, Korede released ‘Sun MoMi‘ as the first single off this EP.
Korede Bello “Table For Two” Review (EP)
The EP opens up with “Morire” produced by Rexxie. The song is a thankful song to Korede Bello’s fans for staying with him and to his God. As a word of caution this should not be listened to when your volume is high. Korede’s soft voice and the loud noisy beat of the music was not a good fit. The music opens up softly and then graduates it’s way up. The message of “Morire” is sumber whilst the beat is more celebratory causing an obvious disconnect but Korede’s voice cheated it’s way to making the music better than an average “better than good” music and so while your ears adjust to the noise the music becomes pleasant.
Sun Momi‘ is a lovely song that has the right tempo for a “took a while but I am back” music. Simple beat, catchy chorus this song was tailor made from music heaven for Korede Bello. This new music shows how much Korede Bello has grown. He doesn’t sound anything like the nursery rhyme days. This song shows Korede’s vocal dexterity, something we had not seen or even knew existed. One must appreciate Korede Bello’s sultry voice that drags you into the song little by little. Sun Momi is a well appreciated improvement from “Mr.Vendor”.
Hey Baybe” produced by Johnny Drille is probably the song that Korede Bello will employ in taking any lady from the hands of any man. As if Korede Bello’s voice needs to get any better, he flirtatiously tell us about his woman with the most beautiful version of his voice, The closing part of “Hey Baybe” will surely have you dancing and even though you are just listening to it for the first time, you will find yourself singing along to the music. It is probably the best song on this Ep. The beat took into consideration Korede’s voice, tempo of the music and the message of the song. Every drum sound, piano, violin beat came in at the right time helping Korede’s voice sound almost heavenly. Towards the end, you have this uptown fuji beat changing the tempo of the music but not losing the music beauty. This time Korede’s voice and the beat were two peas in a pod.
Mi Casa Su Casa” was everywhere where two or three ladies gathered, with many wishing Korede Bello would say those four precious words to them and mean it. This particular song drove his ladies man status to a whole new level, Korede serenades his woman and ensures that she is his question, his answer, his laughter, his heartbeat, his all in all. This song is 3 minutes of Korede Bello professing love for a woman. Although Korede Bello doesn’t give us a name to whom this girl he is in love with, he takes care to ensure that he is not here for games “If you gimme chop I no go run… If you gimme chop I no go talk… If you gimme chop… I no go rush am… I’ll take my time
Table For Two” is a good way to end an EP. I think that this EP was designed by Korede to show off his voice and romantic side. The music on this EP makes me wonder if Korede’s days of “Mungo Park” and “Godwin” are over and we are ushered into this Mr. Lover side. We are not complaining because he has the voice and looks to steal any ladies heart.
One thing I really appreciated this EP for is that Korede Bello did not talk of his love but rather how he intends to love. It was just about the woman. This way almost every lady listening to this music will think they are written just for her, I mean only her and the men wanting to give that type of love. Eight billion people in the world and I believe this EP could only have been sung this way by Korede Bello.
The arrangement of this EP is one that follows smoothly. Every song was placed in just about the right place. The EP maintained a tempo, drawing you in and releasing softly you would want to start the listen all over again. There is no part that will have you tuned out. You would long to hear what he had to say and even find yourself singing along at first listen. Every song told a story of love. I particularly appreciate Korede for opening the Ep with a thank you note to the Bellovers, They waited patiently for so long and Korede didn’t disappoint. Even as noisy as “Morire” was, you would still appreciate the lyrics and clearly see how much Korede has grown. The theme of this EP is love and while we have enjoyed it, I wonder what to expect in an album
Korede created this music for the Bellovers no doubt but it just might get him a new loyal fan base and will help recover what one might assume he would lose due to a long absence. I think artists should take a leaf from his book. If you would be taking a break, when you return, the effect of the break should be visible. If you can’t make the music for the whole world, then do it for the loyal fans.
For the change we have seen, the arrangement of music, Korede pushing himself and his effort to carry his fans through this process of releasing this EP, the EP deserve a 3.5 stars out of 5

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