Monday, 21 September 2020

Why You Should Not Date Men Between Ages 19 & 27 - Nigerian Lady Schools Fellow Ladies


A Nigerian lady identified as Dr Toolz on Twitter to advise ladies to desist from dating men that are between the ages 19 to 27.

The lady in her opinion said that men between the said age brackets are mostly liabilities.

Dr Toolz added that ladies should not date such men because those type of men don’t know what they want in life and they are nothing but mama's boy and a lot of liabilities.

 "AVOID dating men between the age of 19-27.They r usually typical mama’s boy,stuck on their ex,cheat the most,entertain hoes,party non stop,have no plans & are only concerned about their PS4,mixtape & weed.They don’t know wat they want yet & will hurt u in the process, a liability"

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