Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Defiant Dominic West and his wife kiss and put on a united front


Defiant Dominic West and his wife Catherine FitzGerald kissed and put on a united front outside their home on Tuesday after his passionate clinch with Lily James, but the actor's wedding ring was still off. 

The couple smiled and told reporters: 'Our marriage is strong and we're very much still together,' before bizarrely handing out a piece of paper which bore the same words - written by the actor, 50 - and featuring both of their signatures.

They had emerged from their home near Chippenham, Wiltshire, shortly after 10.30am and Dominic made a point of showing off his wedding ring-free hand. 

Mother-of-four Catherine kept her ring finger in her jeans pocket as she leaned in to kiss her husband, just one day after MailOnline published pictures of her husband of 10 years engaged in an amorous embrace with Lily, 31. 


Despite their smiling display, Catherine appeared uncomfortable as she emerged from her home with West, pausing before facing the waiting media.

She had a scrunched-up tissue hidden in her hand, which could indicate that she had been crying. 

They then handed out the signed piece of paper, before West turned and kissed Catherine as the two returned to their home. 


Dominic refused to answer any questions about what occurred in Italy.

Moments later, the couple left their home, driving off together to an unknown destination.

Earlier in the day, Dominic had looked downcast as he drove away from the property in Chippenham in his silver Volvo, with one of their children sitting in the back of the car.

MailOnline understands the actor flew back from Rome on Monday night for crisis talks with his wife of 10 years, just hours after she told a friend she was 'heartbroken, shocked and devastated' after seeing pictures of Dominic locked in an embrace with Lily, 31, while not wearing his wedding ring. 

Dominic's face had been largely concealed by his face mask as he drove and he had kept his ring finger from view, after brazenly removing it for his very amorous display with Lily. 


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