Sunday, 11 October 2020

End SARS: Those vandalizing public properties will be brought to book – Gov Abiodun

 In his words, Abiodun told the Ogun CP that the safety of all individuals and organisations involved in peaceful protests be ensured.

Abiodun said he was aware of the fact that some unscrupulous elements took advantage of the #EndSARS protest to vandalise State property, police stations and vehicles.

“I am equally aware of the growing violence that has emerged from this situation, especially as State property and Police stations, vehicles and personnel have been attacked by unscrupulous elements who have taken advantage of the unfortunate situation.

 Nonetheless, the Governor told the CP that, “As provoking as this admittedly is, the State Command of the Nigeria Police under your watch should under no circumstance, resort to lethal control that will endanger the life of any citizen.”

He noted that as a Government which promised to ensure the safety and security of its law-abiding citizens, its duty is to keep the people safe from harm.

“It is essentially the civic right of all citizens to make known their grievances through peaceful protests and demonstrations that will foment no danger to the State and other persons.

“When these individuals then exercise their rights, there should be no fear or arrest of harm from the Nigeria Police,” it was said.

“In this line, this is to make it clear that all officers of the Nigeria Police, Ogun State be directed not to harm or arrest any citizen involved in the peaceful protests gaining traction over the Country.

“Meanwhile, all persons already arrested should have undeterred access to legal representation that will ensure a fair review of their individual circumstances, as this State Government will not condone infringement on the rights of any citizen,” the statement added.

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