Saturday, 17 October 2020

#EndSARS: 'Do It For Us So I Can Go To School' - Boy Begs Protesters (Video)


A young Nigerian boy who is just 6 years old has donated snacks to #EndSARS protesters.

The boy who was identified as Damola on Saturday donated the snacks he was hawking to ENDSARS protesters in Oyo State.

The boy in a viral video on Twitter was seen dashing out the snacks (Cheese Balls) to a group of youths while he told them not to worry about the payment.

According to one of the eyewitness, the boy had planned to pay for the snacks from his accumulated profits.

“This little boy gave us snacks from what he is selling and we wanted to pay for it and he said we shouldn’t bother,”
 a Twitter user Agboola Damilola (@QueenieSunshyn) posted.


When interviewed, Damola related he is from Igbo ora, a town in Oyo State and popularly known as the Twin Capital of the World due to the high rate of twins birth in the area.

The snacks boy who said he has lost his mother and that his father leaves in Igbo Ora.

Another eye witness claimed the boy said all he wants from the protesters is that they should help in making Nigeria better so he could go to school.

“He gave us his snacks for free We beg him to collect money but he insists no He said ẹ bawa ṣe kín lè lọ ile iwe,”

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