Sunday, 11 October 2020

#EndSARS protest: Give one instance where SARS came to rescue armed robbery victims – Falz asks (video)


Buhari is using ASO ROCK as his old people’s home. There is not Leadership in Nigeria i guarantee you, even the most verbose spokespersons or elements defending the old man have become silent, the impostor is critically ill and frail, he does not understand his environment anymore, Age has come to the old tyrant, he does not know anything happening in Nigeria, They are just keeping him not to embarrass themselves and hiding under the guise of security reasons with deceptive axioms such as Presidency, Mark how Buhari himself does not make any statement, it is either Garba Sheu of Femi Adesina or Bashir Amhad or Boss Mustapha or Lai Mohammad all of them acting in the stead of Buhari , There is a Loud silence in Aso Rock for the past few months and the silent is too loud to be ignored by any intelligent mind, They are all confused about breaking the news to Nigerians. It wont be out of Place to conclude that Buhari is actually Dead. The man who was sick and was being flown to London severally before Corona virus broke out in March, can you say that suddenly he is no longer Ill?  
we saw how all his Hit men who were commanding in proxy are dead, though they tried to hide the fact as usually done by the Nigerian government and assigning DSS to arrset any one who dares to broker the news. Buhari has been sick before the Death of all those old men around him and have even worse ailment. The elements in Aso Rock have been secretive and have been hiding the fact of his true state. There is no President in Aso rock, There is No Buhari. They are just trying not to be embarrassed as the North was embarrassed by the Death of Yaradua. DO NOT BELIEVE THE PICTURE MEDIA BEING USED TO MAKE A MESSAGE BY HIS AIDES. Buhari is missing in Aso rock. If this is a Lie, I dare Aso Rock to grant an interview with Buhari by BBC or CNN or Sahara Reporters on the #ENDSARS Protest for Just one Hour. Your President is either dead or Demented I guarantee you

This is no mockery, this is a fact of our lives we are “mere animalculae, those ephemera of an hour, that we call men! You are here to-day, and gone to-morrow; born yesterday-the next hour shall see our tomb prepared, and another minute shall hear, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” and the falling of the clod upon the coffin lid. We are the creatures of a day, and know nothing. We are scarcely here; we are only living and dead. “Gone!” is the greatest part of our history. Scarcely have we time enough to tell the story, ere it comes to its finis”
Nigerian should be asking

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