Sunday, 11 October 2020

‘I Don’t Support Domestic Violence’ – Caroline Hutchings Replies Oritsefemi On Marital Woes


Nigeria actress, Caroline Danjuma has hit back at Oritsefemi after he accused her of being the “evil” coming between him and his wife, Nabila Fash.

The ‘Double Wahala’ crooner called out the actress over the crisis in his matrimonial home.

It was gathered that Oritsefemi’s wife, Nabila had moved of their home and she is staying at her friend, Caroline’s home.

The singer took to his Instagram page on Saturday to ask Nigerians to help him to beg his wife.

Caroline Hutchings responded to Oritsefemi who acussed her out on social media and accused her of being a factor in his current marriage crisis with wife, Nabila Fash.

The actress and mother of three took to her Instagram page to share her side of things, hinting that domestic violence played a role in the current crisis rocking Oritsefemi’s marriage.

Caroline Hutchings noted that she’s not one to interfere in people’s marriages but if her advice is sought, she would give it without prejudice.

She went further to say that in marriage, she could tolerate cheating and a number of other things but domestic violence is that line that must never be crossed.

Hutchings also disclosed that if providing a safe place for her friend to heal before heading back home makes her evil, then she welcomes the tag.

She accused the ‘Double Wahala’ crooner of  disrespecting his wife of over three years on social media and stated that his apology must be louder than his disrespect if it was to be accepted.

In her words;

“I do not interfere in people’s marriages or relationships… I do not take sides either. When it comes to domestic violence it’s a no no for me. I believe everything in life has a solution, no need throwing punches. The home must be a safe place especially where there are kids.. I can ignore cheating and all sorts but I will stand by any one that is physically abused be it man or woman.
If being evil is giving my friend/sister a safe place to heal before she goes back home, then my doors will always be open.”

The mum-of-three added in the caption:

“Don’t have time for bullshit… #saynotodomesticviolence #saynotodrugabuse.

“Oritsefemi since you like to disrespect your wife on social media, your apology must be louder than your disrespect.”

In another slide, she wrote;

“The world is full of monsters with friendly faces and angels riddled with scars. Say no to domestic violence.”

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