Friday, 16 October 2020

TfL staff prepare for shutdown of Tube, bus and train network THIS WEEKEND

 Londoners are braced for the capital's transport system to grind to a halt this weekend as cash-strapped TfL burns through the last of its funding.

Eleventh-hour talks for a £1billion bailout between ministers and Sadiq Khan have stalled because of sticking points involving the Government's conditions for a deal.

The Mayor is refusing to sign up to an expansion of the congestion zone to the North and South Circulars, which is believed to be the price of receiving funding.

He said such measures would punish Londoners already facing new Tier 2 Covid-19 restrictions.  

But rivals say he has been backed into a corner after 'bankrupting' TfL with mismanagement during his tenure.

 Relations between Government and City Hall are already sour, with Mr Khan yesterday accusing ministers of not going far enough to tackle the virus and calling for a 'short national circuit-breaker'.  

In May the Mayor accepted a £1.6billion funding agreement with Government, which came with the condition of a hike in the congestion charge to £15.   

He branded the cash boost as a mere 'sticking plaster' and is calling for a £5.7billion long-term solution for the next 18 months.   

Yet if he fails to give ground and negotiations with ministers remain deadlocked, Tube and bus drivers have been warned that crucial transport services may stop running. 


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