Monday 23 November 2020

9ice Wife Has To Work With Him To Prevent Him From Cheating – Daddy Freeze Says


Media personality and Free the Sheeple Leader, Daddy Freeze has given his two cents about the cheating scandal that rocked the marriage of Nigerian singer, 9ice.

According to Freeze, it’s the nature of men to cheat, so his wife needs to work with him if 9ice is willing to be open with her.

Freeze’ reaction is coming after 9ice apologized to his wife for cheating on her.

Read as he said during an IG live video;

“First things first, 9ice is 100% wrong in my opinion, don’t cheat on a woman. When cheating happens, I will never share the blame between a man and a woman. The blame of cheating, lies a 100% in the hands of the man.

 However, when it comes to preventing cheating, there is a job of both the man and the woman, because men by default like to cheat. When you know that something is in someone’s blood, it is also your duty to have to understand this”.

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