Friday 13 November 2020

Chivhu Killer Woman Pleads With Govt To Allow Her To Attend Her Children’s Funeral


The Chivhu woman who mercilessly beheaded her four children on Wednesday has begged the government to allow her to attend her children’s funeral.

iHarare has established from a local publication ZWNews, that Emelda Marazani, the woman who went into a murderous rage and killed her four children by slitting their throats with a knife has pleaded with the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Dr. John Mangwiro to be allowed to attend the funeral.

Marazani begged Dr. Mangwiro who is the MP for Chikomba East to allow her to attend her children’s funeral when he had visited her at  Chivhu General Hospital where she is admitted after she attempted suicide by drinking a poisonous substance.


“ Although I don’t regret killing them, the one thing I ask Government is to be allowed to attend my children’s funeral. I want to see them for the last time,” said Marazani.

Dr. Mangwiro however, promised to have the request looked into and see if they can allow her to attend the funeral.

A grief-stricken Lameck Brande, the father to four children killed by their mother in Chivhu on Tuesday is still in shock as still can’t fathom that his wife killed their children over a marital dispute.

Of late in Zimbabwe there has been increasingly common occurrence of murders committed by close relatives over seemingly trivial issues.

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