Monday 23 November 2020

Engaged Twin Actress Treasure Daniels Opens Up On Her Forth Coming Wedding and More


After what happened to her twin sister, Tracy about eight years ago, when her marriage to her Indian expatriate husband crashed as soon as it was contracted in 2012, Treasure Daniels is doing everything to avert having similar heartbreak. The golden girl of Nollywood, recently got engaged to her American-born long standing boy friend, Micheal Richardson, and she can’t risk showcasing her marriage on social media.

Though she announced her engagement on her Instagram page, when she shared beautiful photos, flaunting her engagement ring which happened in Calabasas, California. However, in a chat with the actress, Treasure described her marriage as being sacred, adding “It’s not an entertainment.”

“My husband is not an actor. He’s a normal person like you, almost like my late dad, private, cool headed, respectful and loves me and our daughter to pieces,” the actress added. Treasure who relocated to the United States alongside her twin sister, said “I do not intend to showcase my family to the public and I hope everyone respects that.”

Recalling how her engagement happened, the actress said it wasn’t ceremonial. “My engagement wasn’t ceremonial because I had made it clear earlier in our relationship; through my values and personality display, that I will not lay emphasis on just ceremonies but on the reality of marriage and what it truly represent.”

Treasure, who hinted that her traditional marriage and white wedding ceremonies will be coming up next year, said she has known her hubby for more than two years now. “We went on and off because of the nature of his job, which always have him offshore for months. Then I was based in Lagos, while he works and lives in his home country, America. Those situations really got toll on our unique relationship as it was.” “Moving forward because destiny can never be denied even when delayed, we were still able to work beyond those challenges because of the love we had for each other and our determination to be together. Today we are one of the happiest couples around and the rest is history,” the actress narrated. On what will happen to her twin sister, Treasure said she still loves Tracy, and has not left her.

“My husband actually bought us a bigger house with enough rooms just to make sure she feels well accommodated anytime she wants to visit.” “He supports our twin dream and never comes between us. As a matter of fact, he’s Tracy and Treasure biggest fan. Only change is that now, I am officially known as Treasure Richardson while she’s Tracy Daniels for now,” she added. Meanwhile,Tracy has since congratulated her. “I see it shining shining girl congratulations sister,” she wrote on IG.

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