Wednesday, 4 November 2020

I Get 6 Packs For My Back And I Love Am Die – Actress Monalisa Stephen Sends Message To Those Body Shaming Her


Nigerian Plus-size actress Monalisa Stephen has a message for those body shaming her. She said she is FAT and she she loves it.

She said;

“I get 6 packs for my back and I love am die. Am I depressed? No I’m not. Deep down I love my body and the way I look”


In another lengthy post on her Instagram page, the plus-sized actress wrote;

You Can’t Body Shame me because I get Coconut Head . I no dey put my ear for negative tAlk. I Dey Block Bad Energy.
I Get 6 Pack for my Back and I Love am Die .
Am I depressed? No I’m not. Deep down I love my body and the way I look and I don’t want to change it .
Living in denial? No
And I will not defend or explain myself .
Will I keep taking about Body Positivity? Yes I will.
Do I support Working Out and Eating Right ? Yes I do!!
I want to be FAT and FIT.
This issue have affected people’s mental Health. A lot have died from being bodyshamed. We need to create Awareness!! So me taking about it don’t mean I want PITY . I don’t need your PITY.
I want to talk about it to Enlighten Some people .
Thanks for all the love so far but there are people who need it more than me because I have a tough skin and it’s not everyone that’s on my Confidence level. So please Reach our to that Friend and that Family member that people refer to as “ too FAT , Too Skinny ,Too Short , Too Tall . Because nothing is too much.
You’re Perfect just the way you’re and there is someone out there who will love you for who you’re.
The world is Hard , Don’t make it Harder.
Be Kind .
Spread Love and not Hate.
Thanks to everyone who have been reaching out
God Bless You and Yours
Love and Light


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