Wednesday, 4 November 2020

"I Made My Billions After Buying a Mcdonalds Franchise In the USA" - Senator Dino Melaye


Former senator, Dino Melaye has revealed that he got his big break which afforded him the luxury of affording super cars worth over $30M when he bought a Mcdonalds franchise in the USA for $350,000 in 2005. He claims the Mcdonalds franchise has grown into seven branches and now worth over $1.2million dollars.

The information from Dino directly contradicts the information made available on Mcdonalds website - assuming he truly owns a Mcdonalds franchise.  Lying about self labour and business is a popular ploy that corrupt African politicians use to launder most of their stolen funds in order to make them appear legitimate. Information made available on the Mcdonalds website stipulates a return of investment of 20 - 25% over the course of 20 years, however, explanation by Dino is claiming that he had made over 400% return in way shorter time than Mcdonalds speculate about their franchise. 
Checkout the interview by Dino with BBC Pidgin below:


  1. If MacDonald Franchise yields 25% in 20 years as claimed here, MacDonald would have closed shop over 10 years ago, nobody will buy the Franchise.

    That report is at its best a deception.

  2. Dino is seriously looking for a way to repackage himself as far as Nigeria's political terrain is concerned.
    However, the fact still remains that he ranks among the super rogues that completely ruin our economy through corruption.