Tuesday, 10 November 2020

If You’re Afraid Of Destroying People’s Relationships, You’ll Die Single - Lady Advises

 A young Nigerian lady has stirred controversy online after she shared a video of herself advising men and women to continue snatching other people’s partners until they finally get the right person to marry.

The lady identified as @baby_joy07 on Instagram said someone is responsible for every heartbreak, so there is no need to pity victims of broken relationships.

She went on to warn that if someone continues to feel pity for others, the person might remain single for the rest of his/her life.

“I have a message for the single ladies and the single guys out there, okay? And the message is that: you will die single if you are afraid of destroying other people’s relationships.  Trust me, you will die single. Don’t pity anybody! Remember your first heartbreak, the second heartbreak, the third, the fourth and so on. The person who snatched your partner did that person pity you? No! the person did not pity you, so don’t pity anybody. Make sure you snatch and re-snatch until you settled,”
she said.

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