Tuesday, 17 November 2020

John Tallach Students In Fear As 100 Pupils Test Positive For Covid-19

 Students at John Tallach Secondary School are currently in panic mode after 100 students tested positive for the global deadly virus Covid-19.

iHarare has established from a local publication ZimLive, that 100 pupils have tested positive for Covid-19 at John Tallach Secondary School in Matabeleland North.

This comes after the school had suspended learning for two weeks after five pupils had tested positive for coronavirus this week.

According to health officials, 73 of the affected pupils are asymptomatic, while 27 have mild symptoms.

Dr. Munekayi Padingani, the acting provincial medical director for Matabeleland North revealed that tests were still ongoing as they are trying to ascertain the number of students that have contracted the deadly virus.


“The school is quarantined. No-one is going in or out. Classes are closed. We have put a satellite clinic inside the school and our staff are staying there to test and treat. We now have an isolation center on-site. We are putting the pupils in clusters – those who are positive are put in one room; the negative in another room; those who are sick but tested negative in another room and those who have been tested are put in another room while waiting for results,” Padingani said.

In order, to mitigate the spread of the virus,  the police are already enforcing a complete lockdown at the school. In addition to that, the school has already shipped sufficient PPEs, medicines, and other medical consumables to ensure that their makeshift clinic is well equipped.

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